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Salt Water Electro-Etching Stencils for your 80% Lower Receiver Projects

After completing my first 80% lower, it looked very boring without all the manufacturer's markings that gives a lower receiver it's character. I thought about sending it off to get is custom engraved but that seems like a lot of money and time involved. I started to Google one day and ran into a YouTube video where a woman was demonstrating a metal etching tecnique called "Salt Water Electro-Etching". After watching the VIDEO and seeing how easy it was, I attempted it with low expectations. The result blew my mind. Who knew salt water, a 9V battery and a bunch of Q-tips can etch metal. I've researched and created several stencils for all the clone builds out there to help you get one step closer to building a clone-correct weapon. I've started this with several variations of Colt's USGI markings and some popular graphics(more to come). If you don't see one that you would like to do, please email me and I can make custom stencils (gang logo, wife's name, etc.) should you wish to attempt this DYI etching process at home. You will receive a high qualty, detailed vinyl decal that you can apply right to your receiver. Almost forgot, I can add a customized a serial numbe(light blue number on the images below) on your stencil. Please indicate what you would like in your payment NOTES or just email me after placing your order.

NOTE: This etching process only works on bare metal. Parkerizing, anodizing, paint and Cerakote should be completely removed from the etching site before you try this.





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